Welcome to MMA TRUFAN, a biographical podcast series on legendary mixed martial artists. There are stories in mixed martial arts that have yet to be told. We believe they should be shared by the people who lived through them. Telling the stories of these extraordinary individuals can help us gain a greater understanding of not only mixed martial arts but life itself. Hear exclusive interviews with legendary fighters along with trainers, past opponents, friends, and family to get an in-depth look at their lives, careers, and legacies.

“Investigators often use numerous witnesses to find the whole truth in a criminal case. MMA TRUFAN uses exclusive interviews to find the whole truth on a legendary fighter’s life and career. There’s more to a fighter than the fight itself,” Nate Evans

Creator: Nate Evans

Writers: Nate Evans and Rich Donohue

Narrators: Rich Donohue, Ashley Evans, and Nate Evans

Sound Editors: Rich Donohue and Nate Evans

Music By: With Lions Productions

Artwork By: Mike Zandt

About Nate Evans

Nate Evans is an elementary teacher in the Columbus, OH area and works as a freelance mixed martial arts journalist for MyMMA News and Asian Persuasion MMA. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Drama Studies from Purchase College State University of New York. He also holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Ashland University.

Twitter: @natemmapod

Instagram: @evansmmapod

About Rich Donohue

Rich Donohue is a Procurement Specialist for a semiconductor company in New England. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Purchase College State University of New York and is a father of two.

Twitter: @floworcrash

Instagram: @floworcrash

About Ashley Evans

Ashley Evans is a high school biology teacher in the Columbus, OH area. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Kent State University and Masters of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Akron. Ashley and Nate Evans are married with two young children.

About With Lions Productions

Founded by composers/producers Woody Ranere and Christian Celaya, and joined by Josh Thomas, With Lions Productions is a boutique music production team and artist collective specializing in custom composition, music licensing, sound design and production. They have worked with various artists such as: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Antemasque, William Ryan Key, Colourmusic, and Terri Gender Bender among others.

Twitter: @withlionsmusic

Instagram: @with_lions_music

About Mike Zandt

Mike Zandt is a graphic designer for the E-Z Red Company in Deposit, NY. He holds an Associates of Arts degree in Graphic Design from SUNY Sullivan. He has provided graphic design services for various organizations and projects in the Deposit, NY community. He has four adult children and one grandchild.

Instagram: @sheckstagram